Phil Thompson
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"My worship"





It seems increasingly uncommon to uncover a gifted minstrel whose craft is driven by a desire to uplift others. Phil Thompson is undeniably one such individual however.  As he puts it, “The mandate is clear. I feel the Lord’s call on my life to lead people into His presence- to lead them to worship.” And that is just what he does. 

Standing before diverse bodies of believers, Phil’s sincerity possesses the uncanny ability to reach people just where they are while leading them to the throne of grace.
Though Phil has been singing since childhood, it wasn’t until he was 30 years old that he discovered his gifting in writing music. Not only did he establish himself as the writer behind Ashmont Hill's hits, but he's also inked songs for a multitude of artists, most notably  JJ Hairston's  “Love Lifted Me”.

Today, as Phil steps forward from behind the pen, he is committed to one goal - worship. With his debut solo project and title track “My Worship”, Phil desires nothing more than to offer up a daily sacrifice to our Savior while guiding all to do the same. With an album laced with unfeigned lyrics, captivating melodies, and compelling messages, Phil's artistry is set to have a major impact on the world as he goes beyond music and reveals to all that worship is all of who we are. Worship is our DNA.